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Online stores have various marketing tools available. The list is very extensive, so sometimes it is difficult to understand whether you need to use this or that tool at a certain stage of the company’s development. Together with RO Media, we talked about what we need to do before we launch the site and what digital marketing tools we need to connect at the start of our work, during the period of growth and after we take the lead.

Conscious approach to internet marketing

Any business should start with a product. Since the competition in the online store market is very high, it is important to highlight unique offers that will be of interest to your target audience. You need a clear marketing strategy for your online store and it is important to clearly define who your target audience is and under what circumstances it should buy your products.

What to do before launching the online store

Competitor analysis

  • Find out what the competitors’ websites are written on –
  • Determine which advertising channels competitors use
  • View search results
  • Analyze Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Analyze the channel on Youtube

Preparing an online store

Users are very demanding to sites. They want everything to be simple, understandable and pleasing to the eye. Therefore, we need to pay attention to usability, so that the user can quickly select products and complete the purchase.

Connect web analytics

Even before you start advertising, you need to connect Google Analytics, set up targets and connect ecommerce. We also advise you to use Data Studio – a convenient tool for visualizing data. It allows you to see in real time what happens to the project and what efficiency it has.

It is worth conducting QA-testing of the site to determine the main errors of the online store and understand how critical they are. The client should fix them before launching advertising, so as not to waste money.

Determine goals and KPIs

It is important to understand the stage of development of your online store. And only in accordance with this stage is it necessary to set goals and determine the KPI to be sought.

List of marketing tools at the “Start” stage

At this stage it is important to test the most effective internet marketing tools. To do this, you need to work with “warm traffic”.

Required KPIs: target traffic, number of transactions, revenue, CPA (price per action), RDA (ratio of costs to profits of the advertiser) and ROAS (payback of advertising), and only in accordance with this stage it is necessary to set goals and determine the KPI to be sought.

  • Google Shopping/Smart Shopping
  • Search advertisement
  • Organic traffic
  • Google Ads remarketing
  • Trigger email newsletters
  • Push notifications
  • Business pages on social media

Main tools of Internet marketing at the stage of “Growth”

The main goals at the growth stage are to increase brand awareness and local scale. At this stage, cold traffic starts to be attracted.

KPIs to be monitored:

  • Growth of brand traffic;
  • new users;
  • Transaction growth;
  • revenue growth.

Internet Business Tools at the Leader Stage

If there is a big growth, your goal at this stage is to hold positions and optimize the traffic sources while observing the strict KPI:

  • ROI/ROMI (return on investment),
  • Net profit (profit)
  • NPS (audience loyalty index).

If you are planning to enter new markets, you should keep track of KPI traffic growth, transaction growth and revenue growth.

It’s important to optimize everything you’ve done before, and connect the tools to enhance the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

  • Dynamic Retargeting
  • CRA-networks
  • DoubleClick / Google Marketing Platform
  • Taser Networks
  • Direct media buying of blocks on the site
  • Advertising in online cinemas

You need to use different online marketing tools for different stages of online store operation, set different goals and track different KPIs. Do not use all the marketing tools from the very beginning, some should be connected as you develop.